Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's a Round-Up (of sorts)

Some maniac appears to have spent half of Tuesday covering Aberdeen in BackingBlair stickers. No idea who it was, but I'm curious as ever. Please leave a comment or email if you can tell me more. I won't be around for much of Wednesday as I've things to do, but I'll be checking for info when I get back. Since I'm writing this at 1am on Wednesday, the whole identifying of days thing is a bit awkward. I'll go with it being Wednesday.

It's the big day tomorrow. I'll be attempting to liveblog the results which should hopefully take my mind off Blair winning another large majority. The scare campaign is in full swing and the celebrities are getting in on the act. He really is desperate for every vote, not because he thinks he'll lose, but because he wants to continue his presidential position of power. Ngggh.
Here are some links to read and ponder.

The BackingBlair Weblog puts the Labour campaign in perspective.

Robin at has a reminder about the truth and some last minute instructions.

Bloggerheads has a 30 second video.

The Guardian has a PDF showing where it is safe to vote Lib Dem without letting the Tories in the back door. Aberdeen South makes the list!
(Although I'm still sulking with them so don't bother to read it. Blinking New Labour stooges.)

Guido explains why Blair is so desperate for your vote even though Labour can't lose the election.

And doctorvee hears Blunkett talking about small government.
Blunkett? You're 'avin a laugh, incha?
(Scotsman in lame Eastenders rip off shocker, poor education blamed!)
BTW, Guido says the bearded one will be back in government after the election. Peter Snow popped up on my desktop earlier suggesting much the same thing.

I have this horrible feeling that I had something really important to add here but you know how that is. Publish, switch off, go to bed, don't sleep, remember what it was, dither over whether you need to get up and update, get up, bang toe trying to find light switch, swear shoutily, wake up next door neighbours dog... Or maybe that's just me.
Oh, and more thanks to Tim.

Triviality No. 739
Something I do remember is that I've been using BlogRolling in my sidebar to link to friendly blogger types. The question is whether these links show up on a Technorati profile. I'm not sure, can anyone enlighten me? I could easily do it by editing the blogger template if that way provides a proper static link and BlogRolling doesn't.
Help, I'm turning into a geek. Run away, run away, run away...

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