Friday, May 13, 2005

Ministry of Propaganda

This story encapsulates so much of what it is to be The Party of Spin, Image, and Token Gestures New Labour. The BBC reports that the Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry has changed it's name back to the Department of Trade and Industry. One week as DPEI but no longer. Why was it changed last week?
Downing Street last week said the new name was part of efforts to ensure the department was "refocused and reinvigorated playing a greater role on productivity".
Downing Street says it was "part of efforts...". I'd suggest "an effort" would be more suitable. Perhaps I'm being unkind. Perhaps the name change was just a small part of a well thought out and detailed strategy to refocus and reinvigorate the department. Perhaps changing the name back to DTI is just a minor blip in an otherwise comprehensiveplan.

Today's random phrase is "written on the back of a cigarette packet while sitting on a sofa".

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