Sunday, May 29, 2005

BBC Bias (or lack of)

Normally I try not to comment on the sites who believe the BBC has a left wing bias. I did write a spoof post about bias in TV media and I think it makes my feelings reasonably clear. Anyway, I just couldn't stop myself from commenting on this post about the BBC radio show, "Off the Ball".
Self described as "the most petty and ill-informed sports programme on radio", I'm amazed that people can get so worked up about it. I left a comment, I couldn't restrain myself. I wasn't trying to be a troll.
Just in case I do get any new visitors, I thought I'd do a quick post to pose three questions. Be honest now:

1 Do you believe privatised news sources tend to have a right wing bias?
2 Have you read this story?
3 The water mentioned in Qu2 is no longer available in the UK, but do you know if it's still available in other countries?

It's worth reflecting on. I'm happy to have at least one mainstream news source which is not subject to the pressures of advertisers.

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