Thursday, May 26, 2005

Great Britain

I've just been reading an article in The Register. It's worth a read (via Murky).
At the very bottom of the article it says this:
On the subject of manifesto commitments and honour, last Parliamentary session the TheyWorkForYou database was reporting that Tony Blair "sometimes" rebelled against his party. Which may strike you as strange, but investigation reveals that he voted against the Labour line twice, on the abolition of foxhunting, and on the reform of the House of Lords, both of these, we recall, being manifesto commitments.
I think that says a lot about our great leader.

I clicked on the link to TheyWorkForYou and at 3pm the site lists the following popular searches today:
pussy, cocks, Andrew Lansley, gonads

I think that says a lot about our great country.

(Andrew Lanslet is the Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire.)

Edit: Ugly language removed. Read then post Garry, read then post.

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