Friday, May 06, 2005

The Dust Settles

Where does it all come from? I refuse to believe that I'm shedding this much dead skin. I've just spend 10 minutes fiddling with my monitor settings when all it needed was a quick wipe. I really do need to get busy with a duster. A quick spin round with the vacuum cleaner wouldn't go amiss either. Anyway.

I'm not going to spend much time trying to analyse the election results. It's over. Blair won. He's a bloody nosed, lame duck PM. Can't last more than 12 - 18 months. I hope. Howard has gone, who'd have thought it?

It's time to move on. I'll start with this:

Support Proportional Representation
So Blair wins another overall majority with an even smaller percentage of the vote. It's about time we had representative democracy in this country. Here's some stuff you can do.

Sign this petition, courtesy of Europhobia.

Go here:

Comment in the forum perhaps? Definitely sign the petition.
Kind of via doctorvee. I certainly borrowed the very good idea of creating a button for the sidebar but I had already found the site and signed up.

And, taking inspiration from Murky, you could write letter to the Prime Minister. Here's mine:

10 Downing Street
Dear Mr. Blair,

I am writing to you with regard to the voting system currently used to elect MP’s to the House of Commons. I strongly believe that a system of proportional representation should be introduced as soon as is practical. I believe that a more representative electoral system would reinvigorate the political process and increase voter participation.

I accept that this view is not shared by every citizen of this country. In 1997, your manifesto proposed a referendum on this issue and I agree that this is the best possible course of action. I have been somewhat disheartened that this proposal has not come to fruition. It has been suggested that this has been caused by the “turkeys don’t vote for Christmas” phenomenon. I would hope that this is not true. I would like to receive a reply as to your intentions with regard to a referendum on the issue of electoral reform.

I've already posted it (in a postbox). Don't send an email because they can be ignored. Send a letter and write that you would like a reply. The PM's office are obliged to provide one. It'll be appearing on these pages when it arrives, although I don't imagine it'll be quick. I will be writing to Anne Begg, who is once again my MP, in due course.

Other suggestions are welcome. Even if they're from Billy Bragg.

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