Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Before You Vote

Rather than attempting to write a decent summary myself, here are some links to posts which are a lot better than anything I'd have come up with.

Robin at reveals the truth behind the spin.

Nick Barlow explains the choices on offer tomorrow.
and from that post:
Blood and Treasure tells it (very) straight.

Chicken Yoghurt does what the Guardian should be doing (as usual).

Bloggerheads has lots of good stuff so go there and choose the posts yourself.

OK, that's two lazy link posts in a row now. In my defence, the above are all far more worthy of your precious time than my scribbles, and I've been busy today distributing some stuff which I received yesterday. I will be posting something about my constituency later tonight, but in the meantime everything you need to know can be found at BackingBlair.

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