Friday, May 13, 2005

MP Blogging

Earlier today I read this post on Bloggerheads about MP's, blogging, and proxy blogging.

My own recently re-elected MP, Anne Begg, has had a campaign weblog which you can view here. Sadly, it hasn't been updated since May 1st. I left a comment on May 6th but there have been no updates of any kind. This makes me sad.

Fear not though, for I am a public spirited individual with too much time on his hands. This afternoon I made a new blog. It's called "Anne Begg is my MP" and I'm rather pleased with it. There is still work to be done but, if I'm honest, I'm hoping I won't have to do it. I will if needed though. There isn't much information on it as yet but I'd welcome any feedback you might have.

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