Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Who want's to know this?

I've been out to the library today. I got 3 CD's and a book.
The book is "Who Runs This Place?" by Anthony Sampson. This week, I shall be mostly reading it.
In my continued adventures in Jazz, I got a Herbie Hancock CD. I've already listened to it once. I like :o)
I also got Led Zep - Remasters, and Faithless - No Roots. I think that's probably a reasonable eclectic mix. *Does a little dance*

Doctor Who
Following on from this post about Doctor Who, Nick Barlow has posted his on "The Long Game."
I told you it'd be more insightful (not that I'm a mind reader, for anyone who doesn't know, he does it every week). I suppose I'd have to class myself as one of the many impatient ones.
His post does raise an interesting question for me to ponder. I mentioned a certain Australian media baron in my earlier post whereas Nick mentions a fat, dead, pension stealing, British (I think) media baron. Nick is right, the clue was in the name.

So I wonder if I can be right too? After all, the late pension stealer hasn't been with us for a while now. Or was it my own prejudice which made me think of "the man who pays no UK taxes"? Maybe, it's just that my age at the time of the sinking meant that I didn't really associate him with such matters. Now that I'm older and wiser more old, I have a better understanding of the way the media works (and who owns it).
I don't suppose it matters too much really, they were both cut from the same mould. It did caused a moment of introspection. Curious.

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