Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Roundup of Note

Tim Worstall has posted his weekly Britblog Roundup, the roast beef of British blogging. I normally try to visit every Sunday but it does seem particularly notable this week. Good man that Tim, excellent judge of quality posts, he really can spot talent... (that's enough, put your ego back in its box, Ed).

I had to quote this from the roundup: is also strongly opposed to the ID cards. In fact, even with all my wandering around blogs, I’ve not yet come across one that is actually putting the case for the scheme. Would anyone want to point me to a UK blog that tries to do so?
I haven't seen one. I wonder if Labour MPs realise how big an issue this is going to be in 2009/10? There are a lot of Labour MPs in marginal seats who really ought to be paying attention if they want a long term career in politics.

- I didn't add a title. It'd only irritate me all day if I don't fix it, so I couldn't let it lie (even though I still can't think of a decent title).

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