Friday, May 20, 2005

The Neo-Tory Party

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The Independent printed a story this morning about Lynton Crosby, the Australian campaign director hired by the Tories to run their election campaign. Mr Crosby has been said to be responsible for the Tories "dog-whistle" campaign strategy. This is what he said:

Tories' Australian aide urges them to learn from Kylie

The Tories were urged to learn lessons from Kylie Minogue as they work out how to fight back after their third successive election defeat.

Lynton Crosby, the party's campaign director, said it should show the same grit and determination as his fellow Australian, who is in hospital after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
Mr Crosby said: "She's not a quitter and she never whinges. She is a good operator and she works bloody hard. She knows how to reinvent herself but still be true to herself."
Unless, I'm very much mistaken that sounds like a photoshop challenge. I'm still a novice but I had to have a go. I call it Ollie Minogue.

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