Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Respec' to my PM

The Independent has word on our great leader:
Blair steps in to end 'yob culture' feud
Tony Blair will chair the first meeting of the cabinet committee on antisocial behaviour to end a turf war between ministers who are battling for control of the "yob" agenda.
Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, and Hazel Blears, who is responsible for the police and antisocial behaviour orders, have been battling to seize control of the agenda...
There have been continuing reports from Whitehall that Mr Clarke was being "highly obstructive" by refusing to give up responsibility for antisocial behaviour.
Yob culture? You're not kidding. There's obstructive behaviour, a bit of battling, and a freaking turf war going on in the mofo cabinet office. I'd say Clarke packs an Uzi, Blears goes for a Glock. That's just speculation though. I'm sure our great leader will bring out the big guns and whip them into line.

In other news, the Independent also reports that Brown's supporters are calling for him to make an early push for the leadership. One nameless former minister says:
"Blair is going to continue messing up the health service with the private sector and education with city academies. That is sufficient reason for Gordon to start manoeuvring."
Now that's what I call respect. Bo!

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