Friday, May 06, 2005

The Day After the night Before

I've got nothing particularly insightful or intelligent to say yet. No change there, some might say. No links, because I can't be ars I'm too tired.
Overall, the election result was about as good as I could have wished for. Shame about my own constituency but Anne Begg is an acceptable MP considering she represents New Labour. I'm off to leave a message of congratulation on her blog shortly.
I've already heard some punditry on the BBC saying that the left should have more influence in the new parliament, result!
The Lib Dems get 62 seats and an increased share of the vote, result! (Was hoping for more but you take what you can get.)
Howard resigns. If I could be bothered I'd link to my prediction of this a few weeks ago. I can't, but result!
Labour majority of 66. I went for 63. Oooh, I'm so clever!
Gorgeous won Bethnal... and provided one of the most amusing Paxman interviews of the night. Can't say it's a result but his presence should liven up the Commons if nothing else.
And I'm still abusing punctuation marks like it's going out of style, result!

Interesting and enjoyable liveblogging last night.
Nosemonkey, with Steve, win the stamina award for the livebloggers I was following, fruity drink fuelled language and all. Highly entertaining. Chicken Yoghurt wins the award for the busiest comments by a mile from what I saw. Well deserved, Justin.
I wished I could have got round more but my brain was already hurting from the amount of tabs I had open. Sorry if I missed you.
I'm off to see what the clever people are saying today. Later, I'll be messing around with my sidebar and posting about the campaign for PR which starts now.

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