Saturday, May 14, 2005

Blog Experiments

Hmm. I was trying to get some kind of "click here for more" system working. It isn't going to well at this stage. I do have a Permalink at the bottom of each post as an unwanted side effect though. It'll have to stay for now. My dinner is ready and Doctor Who is starting...
[Edit: after the break. Click for more]
This sort of works but it isn't very satisfactory. I really only want a link which says "Read more" which I can add on long posts. The way it's working now, I've got a link at the bottom of every post. I don't need no stinkin link like that. And I've got to put a note in [stupid square brackets] which are still visible when you open the individual post page. Hmmp!

I'm sure I'm work out a better way to do this at some point. This'll do for now though.

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