Thursday, September 29, 2005

They may take away our lives

But they'll never take our... oh, they have. We really should have been paying a bit more attention.

Warning: Rantage

Yes, it appears that Jack chicken shit Straw's arguments are so robust that they can only be defended through the physical intimidation of the elderly by some New Labour goonmonkeys. Our Foreign Secretary is a truly inspirational and courageous man. Just the sort of fellow this country needs at a time like this.

This government makes me fucking puke. They must surely be the most disgusting, hypocritical, self-serving, shallow, power mad, media obsessed shower of useless fucks in the entire history of showers of useless fucks. I wouldn't trust them to piss on a parade, never mind run a country.

And it's already clear what strategy they are going to employ to minimise the impact of this situation. This is the sort of shit I expect we'll be hearing from the lickspittles over the next few days:
This sort of behaviour is not authorised by the executive. This unfortunate incident was caused by poorly trained goons acting outside of their orders. The objectionable behaviour of a few rotten apples should not be allowed to diminish the importance of continuing the project. We will conduct an inquiry to make sure that the media don't report any similar incidents in future it doesn't happen again.
Sound familiar? Where's my puke bucket?

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