Monday, September 12, 2005

Open Government

I'm not sure if it's my bad memory or if it's because he's so emminently forgettable, but I couldn't recall who is the current Secretary of State for Scotland. It's Alistair Darling, a man who's only notable feature appears to be his outstanding eyebrows. It's a part time job these days so I suppose it's not entirely his fault he's so

Anyway, I was having a wee look to see what he actually does in his capacity as Secretary of State. Looking through theyworkforyou I happened to stumble upon this written question and answer:
Stewart Hosie (Dundee East, SNP)
To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what discussions he has had with the Home Office and the Scottish Executive on the introduction of identity cards in Scotland.

Alistair Darling (Secretary of State, Department for Transport)
I have regular discussions with my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary and the First Minister on a number of issues.
Makes you proud, doesn't it? Just to repeat, that's a written answer.

Just a bit of fun
I wonder if I could ask a small favour in the form of an improvised opionion poll? If you click on the link to the question on theyworkforyou, you can actually vote on whether or not you think Darling answered the question. Just click yes or no and that's it. I've voted already but please don't let me influence your decision one way or another. Lets keep this, ahem, scientific.

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