Saturday, September 10, 2005


I've been appointed to the Devil's Kitchens' cabinet. I've got the Scottish Office alongside Mr Seat. I'm still thinking about policies. I'm not altogether sure I know what the Scottish Office actually does these days. Westminster does have the right to overrule the Edinburgh parliament on any issue it pleases. So there's plenty of scope for radical proposals then.

In the meantime, here are some thoughts related to DK's post.

The Democratic Kingdom of Fictionia

The DKF* is ruled by a charismatic but morally bankrupt leader. This leader claims to be the legitimate democratic leader of the DKF but these claims are based on the support of a laughable 22% of the population. The electoral system is compromised, boundaries and procedures manipulated to perpetuate the power of the ruling cabal.

The leader is attempting to initiate a government register containing the private personal information of every person in the country. Gerrymandering is likely to become more refined as a result, making the leader even more secure.

There are almost no checks on the executive power of the leader and those that do exist are being systematically destroyed. The political system does not allow effective opposition scrutiny of legislation and the opposition is anyway in disarray. The leader can essentially rule by decree and the procedures following these decrees are circus acts played out for the benefit of the viewing public. The leader and his cronies are undisputed masters in the black arts of media propaganda. An illusion of democracy is projected with gusto.

But democracy is long gone.

Hardly anyone seems to have noticed. They've got their big televisions, washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. But they no longer have freedom. It seems that many just don't care.

I choose not to choose that. I choose something else. I've decided to consider myself a democratic revolutionary.** Enormously radical changes are needed in the way the UK is governed. The turkeys must vacate the stage. Any suggestions for peaceful actions to help bring this about are most welcome.

One thing's for sure; I know who's going to be first against the wall. No prizes for guessing (for obvious reasons).

* Not in any way related to Devil's Kitchen, DK
**And a pompous windbag.

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