Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not News, Sport

This happens so infrequently, you'll forgive me if I draw attention to it.
Norway 1 - Scotland 2
Picture a hamster doing a wee jig in front of his TV and you'll get the idea.

I have to say I didn't really rate Walter Smith as a manager and I didn't think he'd make much difference. Fair play to him though, he has brought a massive improvement to the team. Walter is either a very good mananger or Bertie was a very, very bad one.

For those who think football is a squalid game fit only for proles, here's a quick word on the cricket. The last three games have actually been very close. In this last test, McGrath playing and Jones not playing might just swing things for Australia. I hope not. On the balance of the series so far, I'd say England definitely deserve a turn with the urn.

And there's something you can do to help. Raindance for the Ashes (via). There'll be at least one Scotsman joining in if required. I suspect there will actually be quite few of us.

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