Sunday, September 11, 2005

I concur

Yesterday, I posted some thoughts on the MI5 chief and her foray into the murky world of politics. Bill has also made comment on the subject. It's fair to say that Bill and I would disagree about many things. On the traditional right/left political scale, we'd be some distance apart. We certainly agree about this though. A killer sentence really sums up the situation we currently face.
To be quite honest I would rather continue to accept some degree of risk to my personal safety than sacrifice one iota of the freedoms that many generations have struggled and suffered to achieve, in the probably illusory hope that by introducing some further means of keeping tabs on the British public generally we will somehow be better 'protected'.
As I commented on Bill's post, this might make a useful basis for a petition. It perfectly capures a fundamental objection to the government's approach to terrorism. I suspect there are an enormous number of people of all political persuasions who'd agree wholeheartedly with this statement. Anyone have any thoughts? Perhaps some sort of pledge at the pledgebank?

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