Thursday, September 22, 2005

Celebrity Special

I'm not what you'd call an ardent follower of the vapid celebrity news stories which permeate the fabric of 21st Century Britain. To be honest, I couldn't really give a stuff about the lives of celebrities. I can't see how the personal affairs of celebrities have any relevance to my own life. I genuinely struggle to understand why this sort of thing is so popular. Why does anyone care? It's a mystery to me. I believe this means I'm at least partly qualified to become a judge.

Anyway, one of these celebrity stories has become so widespread that I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to avoid hearing about such dross. I just don't get it. A supermodel takes cocaine? Are there really people in this country who are so naive as to have been shocked by this news? Good grief, grow up people. I don't want to burst anyone's bubble but I have to point out that lots and lots and lots of celebrities take cocaine (lots of journalists do too by all accounts). If companies were actually going to stop employing any celebrity who takes cocaine we'd have a major celebrity cull on our hands. Hmm, might not be altogether bad then.

But honestly, it's not going to happen, is it? What's the message? Taking cocaine is tolerated as long as you keep the newspapers onside. My, what a lofty moral position.

I see that the Metropolitan Police are going to investigate Kate's activities. Sir Ian Blair says he has been personally involved in the decision. He really is a git of the highest order. OK, taking cocaine is illegal but is Sir Ian advocating that the police should investige every single suspected cocaine user? Or is he more interested in PR policing based on Daily Mirror editorial policy? Git. What possible benefits could result from a police investigation into this? I presume no-one thinks that Ms Moss is supplying or dealing cocaine. Wouldn't it be far more productive for the police to concentrate their limited resources on investigating the people who do instead of pandering to the mock outrage of the tabloid press?

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