Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's a Miracle

I've just been watching a bit of Richard and Judy. It's not something which happens often. What's even more bizzare is that I've just admitted it. If I'm honest I have to confess that I've a soft spot for TV's golden couple. I don't know if it's true but I get the impression that they genuinely enjoy helping people, whether it's advising them how to deal with problems or just giving them money. It could all be a front but it does look like they do care.

Also, Richard is probaby the funniest man in Britain, almost always unintentionally. Here's today's example. They'd just shown a report on the making of the largest curry in the world. It weighed 5.1 tons. Cut back to the studio and Richard and Judy are tasting the amazing world beating curry. Sincere expressions of appreciation are in evidence.
It's really nice. You'd never know it was made on such a huge scale.
They said there was enough to feed [listens through earpiece] four thous... forty thous... forty five thousand people.
Even Jesus only managed to feed five...
Cue Judy trying not to spray the studio with a mouthful of curry. Richard remains apparently oblivious, strictly maintaining his sincere enjoyment of curry face .

Now that's good telly.

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