Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Liar and a Bully

When I first heard this there was a split second when I thought it might be good news. As I understand it, Lord Stevens is generally rather supportive of our great leader. I've no idea why LORD Stevens feels any obligation to Blair but more often than not it seems that he does. And this is in the News of the World. Are the knives out for Blunkett, I wondered? Perhaps the fact that he was forced to resign in disgrace has finally registered. Perhaps someone in Downing Street has accidentally been injected with an unauthorised dose of integrity.

No, it doesn't appear to be that.
Tony Blair plans to hand David Blunkett a sensational comeback - by re-appointing him Home Secretary.
This morning I saw Andrew Marr say he'd heard a lot of talk about this at Westminster. It seems that the bearded philanderer may be on his way back to the top.

In honour, I present this poorly executed pictoral reminder of his finest hour. Boom boom.

Btw, in light of the above, it appears that Lord Stevens is having a pop at Blunkett simply because he thinks the man is an ignorant, dangerous, duplicitous, intimidating fool. Normally I'm quick to hand out criticism but not so quick to hand out praise. Fair play on this one though, well done to Lord Stevens for spotting that.

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