Friday, September 16, 2005

The Pen is Mightier...

Here's an interesting photograph (via).

My eyes are not as sharp as they used to be. I had to enlarge the image to be sure of what the President has written on his notepad. It's still not perfectly clear but I'll give it a go.
I thiNk I MAY NEED A BATHroom break? Is this possi...
Now I actually try to make an effort to avoid the usual jokes about Dubya. I try not to criticise him just because he appears to be a bit dim. Instead, I try to concentrate on criticising his stupid decisions. It's an important distinction. One of the key strategies deployed by Bush supporters is to insinuate that all criticism of him is driven by a blind irrational hatred of the man. I don't have an irrational hatred of Dubya, I just think he makes very bad, and often dangerous decisions. In fact, I think his decisions have made the world a more dangerous place. Anyway, the point is that I rarely mock the President for his many idiosyncracies.

Sometimes however, a situation develops which put this beyond my ability to control.

Aw, look, how cute is that? Dubya want a pee pee? Or is it a number twoosy woosy? You want Auntie Condi to come with you make sure you don't get lost? Remember to wash your hands and I'll give you a lollipop when you're done.

Ah, that's better. Is this really genuine, I wonder? Reuters isn't likely to have doctored the photograph surely? It is a slight worry if the most powerful man in the world doesN't fullY UNDERStand cAPITAL Letters.

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