Friday, September 02, 2005


I spent a large part of yesterday reading about Uzbekistan. There are lots of good posts in that link so I'd recommend taking some time to have a good nose around, if you haven't already.

There were quite a few other stories which caught my eye yesterday.

The after effects of Hurricane Katrina are becoming worse by the day. Is it just me or have the authorities been completely unprepared to deal with the situation? It seems to me that the combined resources of the US government really ought to be doing a better job of sorting out the predictable (indeed, predicted) problems which we now see unfolding. I'm not point scoring here, I'm just saying it's about time they got off their rears and did something about it. Let's get these people out of there and make sure they have food, water and shelter. It shouldn't be taking this long.

For the second day in a row, I find myself in agreement with a Conservative MP. Cripes, whatever next? He is absolutely right though. More of the same please.
(In a comment to a previous post, Pete suggests that Ken supports ID cards. As such, I have to say that Ken's opinions are of questionable value. He is certainly right about Iraq though.)

This video was broadcast by al-Jazeera TV. Not easy to sum up my thoughts on this, I may comment when I have more time. I did spot that Jack Straw is persisting with his "lying down in the middle of busy roads isn't dangerous" strategy. I really do find it rather insulting when government ministers employ intentionally disingenuous, misleading, and ultimately highly flawed arguments to support their position. In a way, I suppose it's understandable Jack's position would simply fall over if it ever came into direct contact with facts and logic.

And finally, Labour Peer and MSP, Mike Watson has revealed that he very much enjoys the work of hardcore/punk/dance crossover legends, The Prodigy.
I'm the trouble starter, punkin instigator
I'm the fear addicted, danger illustrated

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