Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Breaking News: Water is not Wet

I see that John Humphrys has got himself in trouble for alleging that the Pope is a catholic. He also asserted that he had seen a bear shi...

I just watched Channel 4 News. Tim Allan (a long-time colleague of the prime minister recently courted by Tony Blair to be his director of communications) who leaked Humphrys' speech to the Times, was defending his actions.

I feel for Mr Allen, really I do. It can't be easy having a long-time colleague who is undeniably a liar.

The BBC is feeling the pressure. I don't often have a pop at the Beeb but that was just stupid.

When Tim Allen, the govt shit stirrer public spirited individual who drew attention to this issue was on C4 News he was asked if he'd discussed this with Alistair Campbell. He said no. Thinking about it, I believe him. Campbell, whatever else you think of him, is not stupid. He'd understand that directly attacking the position "all government ministers are liars" is a completly pointless exercise.
MeGov Poll (sample size 1)
Qu: Do you believe that all government ministers are liars?
An: Yes.
Conc: 100% of those sampled believe that all government ministers are liars.
Let's be honest here, the results of this poll are unlikely to vary that much, no matter how large the sample size. I think Campbell would have spotted that people are going to laugh at this with contempt. How many people will be shocked at the notion that Humphrys thinks government ministers are liars? How many comments will I get on this post from people saying they don't think government ministers are liars? Not many, I suspect.

This government has shown itself to be good at one thing only, and that is polishing turds. Now they've even starting to become incompetant at that.

And here some advise for the government on how to avoid being called liars. This is absolutely free of charge so try to put it to good use.
Try telling the truth once in a while.
I know it's radical, but it might just work.

I've started on a more detailed version which is in line with standard government practise. It's still rough but it could be fine tuned.
It'd be best to take it slowly in the initial stages, maybe one truth a week to start with. This would provide a strong foundation for further improvements in the ministerial truth/lie ratio. There is a long way to go but significant improvements are already being actioned and there is undoubtedly tremendous potential for further advancements to be made in this area...
Something like that.

Btw, if anyone reading knows Mr Allen, I'd be delighted if they could pass on this advice. I'm a public spirinted individual too. I also like to try to do my bit to help the country.

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