Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Not Breaking News

I'm afraid this post is slightly overdue. [Insert excuse here.]

In the last parliament I started writing a blog about my MP. Anne's website was inactive for a wee while after the election so I did a little bit of proxy blogging. I'd put it on hold during the summer parliamentary recess and had sent Anne an email asking whether her new website might feature a blog. Ms Begg replied a wee while back. Unfortunately Anne's new website doesn't include a blog. This is disappointing but Anne's reasons are understandable.

I'd be inclined to continue my proxy blog but for one thing. Anne genuinely does make herself available to her constituents. Her contact details are readily available and she is happy to discuss issues with constituents at her regular surgeries. I'm thinking of making an appointment to discuss the dreaded ID cards. So, while I am disappointed about the lack of a blog, I can't really say that Anne doesn't want to communicate with the electorate.

Anne's new webite is up and running. I like it. The news section seems to be being regularly updated. Not bad at all.

All things considered, I hereby announce the retirement of my proxy blog. I do hope Anne will think again about blogging at some point in the future. If that day comes, I'd recommend the Political Weblog Project as the first place to go for advice.

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