Saturday, August 27, 2005

Wecome to the UK

The world's leading banana constitutional monarchy

Here are just some of the delights of our wonderful country.

Our Home Office is leading the way in the campaign to help foreign citizens return to their homelands. For some inexplicable reason, some of them seem rather reluctant (a member of the judiciary seems to understand, but they're all out of touch old duffers, aren't they?) . It's just as well then, that the Home Office is going to press ahead anyway and forcibly remove them. I'm sure they'll enjoy it when they get there.

Our Home Secretary has also taken a firm stance in the "war" on terror. New proposals have given the government the ability to deport anyone they think looks a bit funny. Due to the lack of sensitivity of evidence in such cases, it's just as well that the government is unwilling to produce such evidence in a court of law.

Our police forces are the envy of the world, having extensive powers of judicial execution. In order to fully investigate events surrounding this case, an independent inquiry has been announced. This inquiry will seek determine who was to blame for the leaking of documents which brought the truth to the attention of the public. This is a serious matter as such actions are in clear breach of government policy.

And everyone's favourite philanderer, Pensions Minister David Blunkett, has been busy ensuring the right to free speach is upheld. Remember him? He had previously resigned in disgrace. At the time, the Deputy Prime Minister said:
"There was an intervention, it was fast-tracked and he resigned. He has been found guilty of the offence, it has been found that he had intervened."
Fortunately for David, the government seems completely unconcerned by issues such as integrity, honesty, or innocence, and he was back in government in two shakes of a lambs tail.

The United Kingdom: the country where all your tinpot authoritarian dreams really can come true.

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