Friday, August 26, 2005

New Thoughtcrimes Announced

The government is planning to legislate to introduce yet more limits on free speech. It seems that the rules governing advertising in the UK need to be toughened so the interests of official Olympic sponsors (mostly large transnational companies) can be properly protected. The Guardian explains.
According to the London Olympics bill now before parliament, [unofficial] advertisers will not be able to use the words "summer", "London", "gold", "silver" or "bronze" in conjunction with "games" or "2012".
How convenient. Three major failings of this government all rolled into one easy to digest story. It's almost like one of those silly analogies I make up from time to time.

Let's see.
Bending over backwards to please corperate interests? Tick.
Complete disregard for the right to free speech. Tick.
Unworkable, back of a cigarette packet, proposal? Tick.

Three cheers for democracy. Hip hip...

Anyway, I'm not normally one for advocating illegal activities but I may have to make an exception here. If I am still blogging in 2012, and I hope I still am, I fully intend to advertise my blog like this:
If you're sick to the teeth of the 2012 London Olympic Games, an event in no way associated with this blog, why not take a break with BSSC? There won't be any Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals*, but there might be a marginally interesting post or two. Click BSSC this summer, the perfect antidote to the 2012 Olympic media frenzy.

During the 2012 Olympics, please feel free to promote and link to my blog in this way if you wish to support my neferious illegal activities.

Thanks to Bertie for pointing out this article.

*They seem to have forgotten to include "medals in" their list, but that's by the way really.

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