Monday, August 29, 2005

The Sweet Smell of Success

There was an extraordinary article in yesterday's Sunday Times. Given the Murdoch empire's cosy relationship with Blair, I'm inclined to think that the report is an official unofficially sanctioned leak of an official position, if you see what I mean. I was going to say it was accurate but something stopped me. It begins:
Tony Blair returns from holiday tomorrow in a position he could only have dreamt of in the aftermath of the general election. While Gordon Brown’s position has deteriorated with a series of Treasury U-turns and mistakes since polling day, Blair has rebounded.
After his majority was slashed by 100 seats, few insiders expected anything other than a disappointing start to the third term. Against the odds, however, he has enjoyed the most successful three months of his entire premiership.
Pardon me but WTF? "Against the odds, however, he has enjoyed the most successful three months of his entire premiership."?
It wasn't downright lies day yesterday, was it? I didn't get a memo or anything. No, it must be something else. I know, it's probaly a mix up over definitions. How do the writers, Anthony Seldon and Robert Winnett, define success exactly? Perhaps like this:

Success! Persuade some famous people to say that you've ended world poverty. No-one will notice that sweet F.A. has actually changed.
Success! The first suicide bombers become active in the UK, thus proving that the "war" on terror is necessary. Attempt to persuade people that the invasion of Iraq had no connection with the attacks, even though your advisers have been warning you of the dangers for months.
Success! More attempted terror attacks on your watch. Nothing to do with the unlawful invasion of a sovereign country though, so that's OK.
Success! Obscure the fact that the Metropolitan Police officers shot an innocent man in the head at point blank range, for as long as possible. When the truth finally leaks out, launch an investigation to determine who had the sheer stupidity to think that the public had a right to know the truth.
Success! Manage to avoid commenting on the final death throes of the coalition's exit strategy in Iraq. Instead, enjoy a relaxing holiday with the Peter Pan of Pop.

They do say success breeds success. Can you smell it? Can you?

BTW, the rest of the article is worth reading. It looks like the Safety Elephant's day's are numbered at the Home Office. Seems Blair needs someone tougher. I know who could do it, and I believe he recently lost his previous job so he's available. Nah, you're right, too liberal.

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