Monday, August 08, 2005

Sporting Sunday

Was that the most amazing game of test cricket ever played? I've certainly never seen anything like it. Today, not for the first time this game, I was left wondering if anyone has bothered to explain to the players that these are test matches and not one day games. No complaints from me though, fantastic stuff from both teams. And what can you say about Freddy Flintoff? The man's a genius. Congratulations to England for levelling the series. That should really make things interesting.

For anyone interested in the football, Aberdeen haven't exactly hit the ground running. An away draw, a home loss and 8th place in the league. I knew it was asking for trouble to say I'd blog how they get on this year. I'm sure* that results will improve before long.

*I say sure. Sure (adj.) : Displaying a false bravado based on a desperate hope.

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