Saturday, August 13, 2005

Re-initiating the Interweb Interface

Apologies for the lack of responses to comments recently. I've had a very busy and very enjoyable couple of weeks in the real world. I had some visitors and we've been doing all sorts of holiday activities. Unfortunately they have now returned home. Boo, I say. The silver lining is that I'll now be back spending far to much time on the interwebs. It's a silver lining for me anyway.

In a return to an infrequent series of posts, I'd also like to report a good deed. It's one of my own so it doesn't really count but here it is all the same. Yesterday I found a shiny mobile phone sitting in the middle of the road which I managed to rescue before it was squashed flat. It was still working so I was able to find the number of the owners mother and arrange to return the phone. Apparently he'd left his phone on the roof of his car, forgotten about it, and then driven off. Doh! At least it wasn't a baby in a child seat. Anyway, he was rather pleased to get it back and seemed genuinely grateful. A decent outcome all round really.

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