Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Some Light Relief

Can I do a joke about a screw-in bulb? No, perhaps that wouldn't be wise. There's just so much bad news going around at the moment though. Here are some "and finally" stories instead.

Lions prefer eco-friendly wee cars like the Smart car. I have a vision of two little old ladies (no idea if that's an accurate description of the ladies in question) tearing aroung the safari park in their wee car pursued by a pack of hungry lions. Faster Margaret, they're gaining...
Not sure why I find that so funny really. Gary Larson may have to take some of the blame.

I was looking through today's P&J to find a story about Strathclyde University's new course on texting (it's not online I'm afraid).
During the new class, which is aimed at adults and is already fully booked, instructors will spend two hours training the students how to write and send messages on their mobile phones.
Advanced students can then progress to picture messaging and emailing. GR8!
I'm reminded of instructions on a packet of American Airline nuts: Open packet. Eat nuts.

Anyway, while I was looking for that article I noticed a rather splendid headline on page 6 of the paper (it's not online either).
More cash on offer for alcohol and drug abuse
Hurray! How do I apply for funding?

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