Tuesday, August 02, 2005

War Talking

I'm going to be busy with real life activities for a week or two. Blogging may be a little light in the meantime. Here are some things which cought my eye today.

The government is trying to reassure Muslims that they will not be targeted by the police because of their appearance or religion. Doing the deed is Hazel Blears, standing in for the Home Secretary while he's on holiday. Now that really is a worry.
As is this:
Scotland Yard figures show crimes motivated by religious hatred have rocketed by nearly 600 per cent in London since the July 7 bombings.
Not good at all.

What is Jack Straw saying now? I can't quite decide what he means.
"Unlike in Afghanistan, although we are part of the security solution there [in Iraq], we are also part of the problem,"
It's certainly true that we are part of the problem in Iraq. It's a political failure rather than a military one, despite the Tory spokesman's rather odd response. Are the government finally starting to understand that it was a mistake to sent our troops into Iraq in the first place? The Foreign Secretary has admitted that "we are part of the problem". Sadly, I suspect this is as far as they'll ever go. It's a long way from expecting to be welcomed with sweets and flowers .
All we saw in Afghanistan were people cheering in the streets. I expect Iraqis to do the same - to throw sweets and flowers at the American troops as they enter our towns and cities.
Right. Sweets and flowers. That sounds nice. It's a shame it didn't happen that way.

I also noticed that Brian Wilson, president of the ACPO, is doing his bit to spread terrorist propaganda.
A Top Scottish police officer has said Scots should regard themselves as terrorist targets.
Doomed! Doomed I say! Why don't they do us a favour and shut their cake holes? That's just not a useful thing to say at all. I'm not saying there's not a very slim possibilty but when was the last time Scotland was attacked by terrorists? I'd look it up but as I said I'm a bit busy.

"Terrorism expert" David Capitanchik, who regular readers may remember predicted anti-capitalist attacks on oil companies based in Aberdeen during the G8 summit, also puts in an appearance.
He warned oil firms and energy companies operating out of the north-east to be on their guard as the threat was of concern both at home and abroad.
High visibility armed police patrols are apparently the answer. Eh? Won't the terrorists just attack somewhere without these patrols? Or are we going to have armed police on every street corner? I must have missed something. He must know what he's talking about, he is an expert after all.

Update: David's pronouncements have drawn attention from the morgue. Sadly, I fear the answer to the final question is that it will be almost impossible. I've got a back catalogue of google news alerts with his name on them (he's averaging at least one media appearance a day at the moment, and I've not had a chance to plough through them recently. Ah well, it's a tough job...

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