Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tony Blair is a CIA Stooge

I've always wanted to write this post but I've managed to resist till now. Just to clear up any possible confusion, I'm going to state catagorically that this is a TinFoil hat, parody, spoof type post and on no account should you actually believe that I'm being serious (apart from in this paragraph for any pedants out there). I don't actually subscribe to these views in any way shape or form. The facts in this post are true but the argument being presented is not. I hope that's clear enough. Also, some people might find it in bad taste. OK, let's go.

So, I've been thinking about this for a while now. Is Tony Blair a CIA plant? Let's consider the evidence.

Tony Blair joined the Labour Party in 1975, having studies law at Oxford. The Cold War was the backdrop to all political activites. At that time, the Labour Party was still very much a left of centre party. It's not difficult to imagine that the CIA would be interested in infiltrating such a party given the political climate. They'd probably have to recruit bright, ambitious, unscruplulous graduates in long term operations in order to achieve such a goal. This is suggestive but nothing more. Many bright, ambitious, unscruplulous graduates joined the Labour Party in 1975, and they're probably not all in the employ of the CIA.

Let's look for more evidence in Blair's policies. How has Blair changed the Labour Party since becoming leader? Well, he almost immediately revoked Clause IV of the party charter which had committed the party to 'the common ownership of the means of production". This was the final nail in the coffin of mainstream political socialism in the UK. It's plain to see that the CIA would be more than happy with such a development. And as we look through Blair's leadership, it becomes clear that he has continued to steer his party to the right. In fact, we seem to be heading in the direction of the USA at considerable speed. Unlike the first piece of evidence, it's worth noting that these facts only relate to Blair and to no-one else. Again though, it's really just speculation based on a pattern of behaviour.

What about Blair's friends and allies? The richest man in Italy seems a firm friend. And we all know who his favourite ally is. A pattern is definitely taking shape.

There's one more thing. Most stooges are in it for the money. Does Blair appear to have more money than can be accounted for? Well, he did cause a bit of a fuss when he bought a rather expensive house.
Blair is banking on his loyalty to President Bush to produce the future income to pay off his mortgage.
There we have it. Blair appears to be expecting payments from his US taskmasters. Taken as I whole I'd say the evidence is conclusive. Tony Blair is an infiltrator working to further a right wing CIA agenda. This scandalous state of affairs must not be allowed to continue. We must expunge the stooge!

Please remember, don't believe this. It's made up.

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