Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Oscar Wildebeest has two fine links on the subject of "Intelligent" Design. Never, in the history of humanity, has a "theory" been so misappropriately monikered*. Anyway, I recommend you stop reading this assault on the English language and make your way to Oscar's in a calm and orderly fashion.

*According to my spell checker, monikered isn't a word. And neither is misappropriately. But am I bothered though? Ask me if I'm...

And now for some common sense, courtesy of Talk Politics.
if we're so worried than young people are turning their backs on their key democratic rights, such as the right to vote, then surely the answer must be to teach them those rights and their value while they're at school. I would have thought completely obvious.

Indeed. And there are lot's more sensible suggestions for improving children's education too.

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