Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Vote Damn It!

Geoff Hoon. Idiot.
People could face fines if they fail to vote in British general elections, under plans outlined by Geoff Hoon. The Commons leader says a move towards compulsory voting is necessary to reinvigorate UK democracy.
The Independent points out that he didn't rule out electoral reform for the Commons in his speech. This is the tiny redeeming feature which means I'm only going as far as to say he's an idiot.
Mr Hoon blamed a sense of "alienation" from the political system among people who felt that voting made no difference, a trend that would be exacerbated as the parties increasingly tailored their policies to people they knew would vote.
Astonishing really. Idiot.
He is expected to say that the 61 per cent turnout in May’s general election left him “more concerned about our democracy than ever before”
Remarkable. (I'm impressed by the way the Times can quote from speech that hadn't yet been given but that's neither here nor there.)
"A higher turnout is vital if we are to ensure a representative, healthy and vibrant democracy in our country. International experience points to compulsory voting being the most effective way to increase turnout."
You couldn't make it up. Geoff, if only you were to read this, I could help steer you towards the problem with democracy in our country. All you need to do is gather together all the New Labour spinmeisters, and your boss, and your cabinet colleagues, and think about the title of the newspaper in that last link.

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