Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Letter

There was a letter in yesterday's P&J (11/07, not online) which really took my breath away. Here it is in full:

G8 vandalism and violence
Sir, - Why don't the authorities arrest Sir Bob Geldof and his like for inciting vandalism and violence? I believe he is mostly responsible for the sickening malicious damage which happened around the G8 Gleneagles meeting, for which taxpayers will have to pay.
He stated unequivocally several times that the G8 countries are the world's richest. They are not, they are merely the world's most industrialised countries, with the biggest economies. The world's richest countries are not even at the G8. They are Bermuda, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Switzerland. Taxpayers and police have paid dearly for Geldof's error and he and the other ringleaders should be made to pay for the consequences.
[Name and address removed to protect the ignorant]

It's difficult to even begin to comment on this letter. How is it possible to be so misguided so often in such a short letter?

Stop the planet please, I want to get off.

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