Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Failure is not an Option

What on earth are they thinking?

You will not fail! Instead you will achieve "deferred success".
That's certainly helps explain a great deal about my life. I am currently experiencing a period of deferred success. Excellent. I feel much better for knowing that.

I'm normally reasonably open minded, but I'm afraid I'm on the side of the red tops on this one.
As we say up here in Aberdeen, "wise up, eh?"

As Oscar Wildebeest quite rightly points out in the comments to this post, this story is isn't quite as I've portrayed it:
It's about saying to schoolchildren, "look, you haven't achieved the desired standard, but with some more work and more time, you could achieve it." That seems OK to me. Come on, this is egalitarianism in action! Isn't that what all we progressive liberals are supposed to be in favour of? No, I don't have my sarcastic hat on - I mean this.
It's a fair point. My apologies to all concerned.

This isn't to excuse my laziness, but I've just read the BBC page again.
Teachers say no-one should 'fail' School tests
"Deferred success" should replace the idea of failure for low-achieving pupils, a teachers' organisation will hear at its annual conference.
Hang on a minute. Is this yet more indisputable, undeniable, incontrovertible proof that the BBC has a conservative bias? Look at the headline. And talk about an unsympathetic opening sentence. This is clearly yet another attempt by the conservative BBC to broadcast their odious right-wing propaganda. And they claim to be neutral! Disgusting, it is! Just the other day I watched a programme all about interior decorating and increasing the value of your house. They never once mentioned that consumerism doesn't make you happy. I tell you, it was like reading the Daily Mail...*

*This may not be my actual opinion.

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