Monday, July 04, 2005

A bit more Live 8

The BBC has received around 400 complaints about swearing during Live 8. Mediawatchwatch has the link. I don't often swear here for various reasons, but I'm going to now. Fuck off! Don't these people have anything better to do? How about complaining about the fact that so many people die early and needlessly in impoverished countries? Fucking narrow minded idiots!

Anyway, one of the critisisms of Live 8 was that those appearing would also boost their CD sales.
The same BBC link has a wee chart showing the top 10 beneficiaries and the percentage increases in sales since their appearances.

1 Pink Floyd - Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd - 1343%
2 The Who - Then and Now - 863%
3 Annie Lennox - Eurythmics Greatest Hits - 500%
4 Dido - Life For Rent - 412%
5 Razorlight - Up All Night - 335%
6 Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits - 320%
7 Joss Stone - Mind, Body and Soul - 309%
8 Sting - The Very Best of Sting & The Police - 300%
9 Travis - Singles - 268%
10 Madonna - Immaculate Collection - 200%

As Sconzey pointed out in a comment, the real winners here are the record companies.

Laconian Scottie argues that by exposing this hypocrisy, the organisers might unintentionally have had a positive effect.
Were you one of the many people who watched an event designed to help the poorest people in the world and reacted by buying a CD?

Update: Independent, 'A concert? Why is this one special?' How Africa was unmoved by Live8

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