Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Do Not Mention The Word!

Charles Kennedy had the audacity to mention Iraq yesterday. It's a cautious considered statement. He specifically says that the attacks should not be directly linked to the war.
"I am not here implying some causal link between Britain's involvement in Iraq and the terrible terrorist attacks in London last week. Not at all. The mass murderers who attacked London last week did not need Iraq as an excuse. The blame for the deaths in London falls firmly on their shoulders and on their shoulders alone."
But still, Downing Street is angry. Charles is apparently "naive" for even mentioning the word.
It's a thoughtcrime don't you know. Just who's side are you on Mr Kennedy?

I don't know what the bombers were thinking. It's enormously unpleasant just to begin to try to understand what went on in their heads. I can't say whether Iraq pushed them over the edge, or whether they'd have carried out these attacks regardless.*

I do know that Blair and Bush have relentlessly linked Iraq to the "war" on terror. According to Downing Street, this link is no longer worthy of discussion. I'm assuming we'll hear no more from Bush or Blair about this non-existent link then?

*I am writing a post about my thoughts on the attacks and the continuing "war" on terror. I'm not going to rush it though.

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