Tuesday, July 26, 2005

An Eye in Every Sky

I hear that some local busy-bodies have started calling for CCTV camera's to be installed in the town of Ilkely. Ilkley is home to fellow blogger Bertie, who writes Ilkely Rocks. He's not to happy about the plan.

Bertie and others have launched a campaign to oppose CCTV in the town and to call for a full public debate before any decisions are taken. It's called Ilkley Against CCTV, or IACCTV. My knowledge of Ilkley is pretty limited but is seems to me that CCTV almost always ends up being a substitute for decent policing, especially outside of large cities. There's lots of information on the site about why CCTV isn't the way to go in Ilkley.

The campaign is working up a head of steam. If you're from the area it's definitely work having a look. If you're facing a similar problem in your own town I'm sure you'll get a lot of useful ideas about how to conduct your own campaign.

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