Tuesday, July 05, 2005

News That Matters

This, from page 3 of the Press and Journal.
A New Look For Historic Torry Foghorn

Yes, the defunct foghorn has been painted. It's had three undercoats and a topcoat. I'm sure we'll all sleep safer in our beds...

Nostalgia Alert: Cheap shots aside, I'm actually glad the foghorn hasn't been demolished. I remember my Grandad telling me about the time he'd been deafened while walking past when it had sounded. As kids, we used to cycle up there just in case it went off when we were nearby. Sadly, it never did but we'd always visit one more time, just in case we got lucky.

The story also shows that Aberdeen City Council have a sense of humour. Well I never, who would have thunk it?
The Northern Lighthouse Board said in 2003 that the foghorn should be removed, partly because it had become a place for "insalubrious groups".
That argument was ridiculed by Aberdeen City Council, which claimed that such logic would lead to the demolition of all city shopping centres.
Most amusing. Well done those elected representatives.

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