Monday, July 11, 2005

Cosmetically Challenging

I've made a new banner for the blog. I really haven't decided if it's an improvement.
I do like to mess around with the Gimp though. Free PS software? Splendid!

I've also added a wee bit of self promotion to the "about me" section in the sidebar. Well, I just couldn't resist.

Update - more random thoughts.
It looks like T in the Park rocked as usual. Nice weather too (which is much less usual). I haven't been for a few years now but I've got lots of good, if rather vague memories of Balado. Next year I'm going.
I've been watching the highlights on BBC 2 Scotland. Green Day headlined the main stage on Sunday but they wouldn't allow the BBC to film any of their set. This is the first time I've ever heard of this happening. Apparently it's because they've got a DVD coming out shortly. Tossers American Idiots.

The Press and Journal website has been misbehaving this week. The search function returns a "null" result for every search I've tried. In the interest of scientific research I wonder if someone else could try a couple of searches and let me know if they have the same problem.

I did say was going to post something about me and my failure to attend the G8 protests but I'm just not in the mood for baring my soul this weekend. I will get round to it soon though.

Another update - did I really write "random thoughts" in this post?
I'll get me coat...
Here's an extra link (via Boing Boing) by way of apology. London laughs in the face of danger.

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