Thursday, July 07, 2005

I didn't vote for her

Is this the most idiotic statement in the history of the "war" on terror? Leader of the House of Lords Baroness Amos, on Question Time, rejected Morgan Tsvangirai's suggestion that international terrorism is unacceptable but that it should be fought partly by dealing with the wider global issues. Apparently this isn't possible because there are no ideological motives behind these new international terrorist activities.
"We are dealing with terrorism, pure and simple."
It's just so bad I'm struggling to compose my thoughts. Ffs, this is a Cabinet minister saying this. Please tell me this isn't government policy.
Anyway, there's a post about terrorism brewing at the moment. I think I have a title.

It's not the first time Baroness Amos has shocked me though. I remember an appearance on Newnight back when reporters were still asking when we were going to find all those WMD in Iraq (I think about six months after "major combat operations ended"). When pressed, the Baroness said that what with keeping order, and feeding the population, and restoring electritity supplies, and what not, the search for WMD were no longer a priority.

No longer a priority? Tons and tons of poison gases, anthrax, radioactive materials and god knows what else.
It seemed an absolutely extraordinary statement at the time and I still don't understand it.

*Straps on TinFoil Hat*
It occured to me that the statement only made sense if she knew something we didn't.
*Removes TinFoil Hat*

I suspect that she just wasn't making sense. It's a suprisingly easy thing to do.

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