Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Big John

It's not often these days that our great leader allows his deputy out on his own. Due to Tony's very busy schedule (saving the world and organising games and stuff), Prescott has had to take DPMQs. I recommend watching the video to fully appreciate the DPMs performance. Given my problems with language, perhaps I shouldn't comment but, I mean, is he really second in charge of the country? It's like listening to an accident. You know you shouldn't, but somehow you just can't tear yourself away.
My highlight:
...but it is, I think, of great importance to all of us to see the maximization of people voting on these issues is increased...
Someone at Hansard's going to have to transcribe the whole thing.
I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I hope there is some sort of fiscal renumeration in the form of a Prescott Bonus paid to the employee of Hansard who has to undertake so difficult a task as this within the time frame specified by his or her employer and by society as a whole so as to provide the valuable public service that New Labour has introduced and which has improved two and a half thousand percent since the Conservative...

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