Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Stonewall

Check out Scott McClellan's amazing performance as the US media tries to get to the bottom of Karl Rove's involvement in the Valerie Plame leak. It starts:
Q Does the President stand by his pledge to fire anyone involved in the leak of a name of a CIA operative?

MR. McCLELLAN: Terry, I appreciate your question. I think your question is being asked relating to some reports that are in reference to an ongoing criminal investigation. The criminal investigation that you reference is something that continues at this point. And as I've previously stated, while that investigation is ongoing, the White House is not going to comment on it.
There are a lot more answers like that.
Why has Scott suddenly become so shy? The President's pledge was made while the investigation was ongoing. Scott previously commented himself while the investigation was ongoing. Now that Karl Rove's name is attached to the leak, no-one at the White House wants to talk about it. Bloggers are certainly talking about it though.

Wednesday's press conference has more of the same.
Come in Karl, you're time is up.

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