Friday, July 01, 2005

Genuine Excuse, No 1

Bloggage is going to be light over the next two or three days. I'm going to a wedding this weekend. As previously mentioned, it means I won't be able to attend the Make Poverty History march. I offer my support to everyone who makes it to the demonstration. (That's except for the extraordinarily tiny minority of likely trouble makers. Direct action is only useful if it's going to achieve something positive. You guys are having the opposite effect, actually helping the media propogate the "terrorist/extremist = peaceful protestor" meme. That's just not helpful to anyone.) Anyway, I'm sure it will be an excellent peaceful protest.

If your are worried about safety, be reassurred by this splendid P&J headline: Aberdeen hospital on standby to treat the sick and wounded
It's going to be carnage I tell you!
If you read the article you'll see that ARI hasn't actually done anything. In fact, they're expecting "business as usual".
"Specifically in Grampian we are not planning to cancel hospital admissions, or to employ additional staff.".
Carnage, I'm not joking!

In other news, I'd like to bring your attention to this story. Yes, Aberdeen City Council is proposing to move out of this building and move across the road into this one instead. The second is a spectacular building called Marischal College (second largest granite building in the world* and built by the family who lived here**). I had the photos on Flickr due to a conversation with Simon Holledge about buildings we'd like demolished. I nominated the very ugly St Nicholas House. And look at this:
"it would also result in the demolition of the council's much-derided base at St Nicholas House."
Outstanding, see the power of the blog! Right, where next?

*A trivial but marginally interesting fact***.
**And another.
***OK, maybe not interesting exactly...

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