Saturday, July 23, 2005

Shoot all Brownskins

Today's Express says:

Daily Express, 23 July, 2005

Also today, the police said this about the man they shot five times in the head five as he was held down by undercover officers.
"We are now satisfied that he was not connected with the incidents of Thursday 21st July 2005. For somebody to lose their life in such circumstances is a tragedy and one that the Metropolitan Police Service regrets."
This, I describe as playing the game by the terrorists rules. They couldn't have wished for a better reaction. While we're at it, why don't we shoot all brown skins, all non-christians, all people with rucksacks, all people with bulky clothing, all people who look at me in a funny way, all people who's opinions don't conform to the Express view of the world...?

Crap, I might even be forced to stop wearing my hoodie. Wouldn't want to be shot dead for looking a bit funny.

Here's a absolutely true story from many moons ago.
I was once searched by the police on the streets of Aberdeen. I was padded down by a police officer who then asked what I had in my inside jacket pocket. Now I know I'm not a dangerous individual and I know that I've got nothing harmful in my pocket, so I start to reach inside my jacket so I can show these policemen what's in there. Immediately they start shouting at me. "STOP! PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM! STOP!"
I'm confused. I'm not used to dealing with the police and it genuinely didn't occur to me that they thought I might be dangerous. Why? Because I'm not. It's a matter of fact. I continued to attempt to get the items out of my pocket until their physical response makes that impossible. They then extract the items and they are the same old nonsense any person might have in their pockets. No Knife or gun or bomb. Afterwords, I realised why they had reacted as they had. At the moment it happened I did not. If this had happened today, and if I'd been Asian, would they have shot me? I don't know. It's seems possible.

The terrorists want to change our society. They want us to overreact. Today, they'll be celebrating another victory.

An aside.
I'm a bit busy at the moment so I've not had a chance to respond to the many interesting points left in my comments in the last two or three days. I will certainly get round it it, but possibly not today. Thanks.

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