Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Spin on This

The Guardian NewsBlog comments on the BBC's coverage of the attacks on London. They link to this Stephen Pollard piece for the Daily Mail. As I understand it, Mr Pollard not a stupid man. He is almost certainly aware that he is distorting a very difficult situation to promote his own agenda. This is why the reported reaction of one of the misquoted BBC journalists cheered me so much.

Let's get one thing straight. I believe in the BBC. It is internationally respected as an objective news broadcaster. I have found no better source of mainstream TV news. That doesn't mean its perfect. It can't be, its got humans in it. There are some stories I wish it would spend more time covering and they very occasionally make mistakes. All in all though, it does a bloody good job. This is partly why it's under attack from certain quarters.

Compare the BBC approach to this from Bill O'Reilly on Fox
(via a comment on the NewsBlog post) :
Once again, "Talking Points" urges all Americans to understand that people like Jane Fonda do damage to the country, even though the woman probably doesn't realize it. The only way to defeat worldwide terrorism is for the world to unite against it and overcome differences in support of that greater good.
Y'see, unlike the BBC, Bill doesn't want to present the facts and let the viewer make up their own mind. No, this is something else. He "urges all Americans" to support the party line. He states that opposing Bush administration policy is as good as helping the terrorists. He implies that anyone who speaks out against the Bush Doctrine is intellectually inferior. (And he throws in a little sexism just for good measure.)
Good work Bill, very Fair and Balanced (TM).

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