Wednesday, July 20, 2005

In Support in the Inane

I'm trying to write a post about terrorism, definitions, and Iraq. It's not fully formed yet but I've decided to stop thinking about it till tomorrow. Instead, lets have some inane trivial nonsense.

Earlier today my stat report highlighted this search result. Number 7 out of about 19,600,000 for "go*d vio**nce (no further though, thanks all the same). A happy day, I'm sure you'll agree.
I think I vaguely see how this has happened. I blame the Crazy Frog. Ooh, I hate that frog! He makes me so mad...

Perhaps a bit of this [caution: may contain comedy gore] will calm me down a bit.
Do you know, I do believe it does. Turn the sound volume up for maximum satisfaction.

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