Monday, April 24, 2006

Strangers to Introspection

Big John is worried that voters in the local elections will vote based on their dissatisfaction with Labour's national leadership. In other words, he concedes that Blair and his cabal are now an electoral liability. This, he reckons, is "unfair" on hard working Labour councillors. He says:
"If [voters] have got differences about national politics it's not fair to put it on local authorities."
Not fair? Aw, diddums.

These words, I need hardly remind you, come from the deputy leader of the party who devoted their first party political broadcast for the LOCAL election campaign to an attack on Dave the Chameleon. Isn't that just the tiniest bit inconsistent?

Fear not though. Mr Prescott has a solid defence for his party's attack on the national leader of the Conservatives during the local election campaign.
[Big John] brushed off criticism of Labour for choosing negative campaigning with its "Dave the Chameleon" advert, describing it as "a bit of fun" which had a serious message about Mr Cameron's inconsistency.
So that's alright then.

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